Plan to transform public areas

public areas

Could Belfast be the next Barcelona? International design company EDAW hopes so.  For it is expected to be formally appointed this morning to transform Belfast’s public areas over the next decade.  If the transformation happens to plan, at least 4000 new jobs .

EDAW – which has already helped reshape cityscapes in Barcelona and Manchester – has been selected to carry out the Department of Social Development’s ‘public realm strategy’.  It is an attempt to achieve world-class standards in urban design, maintenance and management of streets and public spaces at the heart of the city.

Up to five major streetscape improvements are planned over the next three years, with areas around Victoria Square, Chichester Street and Castle Street all in the frame.

Government officials believe the projects, along with plans to upgrade the Westlink motorway route and sewer system, will help make up for 25 years of inactivity.