Project gets people off the dole and into employment

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An initiative to get disadvantaged people in the West Belfast and Greater Shankill areas off the dole queues and into work has resulted in nearly 100 people moving into employment.

Ex-prisoners, disabled people, lone parents and the educationally disadvantaged were key targets of the West Belfast and Greater Shankill Employment Services Board.

Outlining its progress over the last year at an event in the Millennnium Community Outreach Centre on the Springfield Road, board chairman Padriac White said:  “The recent troubles, particularly in the greater Shankill area, highlight the massive need for sustained initiatives and approaches such as ours to tackle the underlying issues and help progress people into employment.  Government must recognise that such initiatives must receive a long term commitment if they are to achieve lasting results.”

The organisation said one of its key successes was the establishment of seven new community-based Job Assist Centres across the area and a substantial transitional employment programme.