Why Belfast Home


Belfast has become the place to do business. A rejuvenated and vibrant city, its extraordinary renaissance has been driven by massive investment – more than £1 billion – from the private and public sectors over the past decade. An investment in facilities and amenities that is set to continue.

As the capital of Northern Ireland, Belfast is the economic, transport and political centre of the country with the largest port in Ireland, two airports, an advanced ICT infrastructure and two major universities.

The city’s young population is one of the most highly qualified workforces in Europe. Unemployment is at an all-time low with strong growth in the knowledge sectors, particularly the financial services, biotechnology, environmental and creative industries. Rich and varied cultural and social sectors also.

Regeneration of the city’s waterfront, through the Laganside Corporation, has had major impact on the city’s investment attracting international hotels, retailers, restaurants and businesses.

Belfast is now a flourishing and confident city where business is prospering, visitor numbers are increasing and more and more people are increasingly drawn to the city to live, work, shop, visit and to play.