Women lag behind in business start-ups


Northern Ireland women have fallen behind the UK trend for demonstrating entrepreneurship traits. Global Entreneurship Monitor (GEM), an annual barometer of UK entrepreneurial activity, shows the gap between male and female entrepreneurs in Northern Ireland is widening – elsewhere in the UK it has narrowed.

For every 100 male entrepreneurs UK-wide, 46 women also started their own businesses – up from 43 first time the gap between the sexes has narrowed significantly.  In contrast, the gap between male and female entrepreneurship in Northern Ireland is particularly wide – and growing.  It is 16% wider than in the rest of the UK.

While the level of total entrepreneurial activity (TEA) in Northern Ireland was broadly similar to the previous year, the region remained one of the lowest ranked in TEA terms.  TEA in Northern Ireland fell from 5.3% to 4.5% overall in the review period.  Individual self-perceptions about having the appropriate business start-up skills increased, with more local people recognisimg opportunities, but Ulster people were more negative about their own entrepreneurial capacity compared to those in the rest of the UK.  The perceived status of entreneurship in Northern Ireland remained high, however, compared with the rest of the Unitied Kingdom