About Investment Belfast

Investment Belfast Limited was incorporated in June 1998 following a widespread consultation process undertaken by Belfast City Council which identified the need for a Belfast focused business investment company.

The initiative, to support the growth of a strong wealth creating economy in Belfast, is driven by an experienced Board of Directors comprising senior business leaders, members of Belfast City Council, universities and supported by government economic development agencies.

Investment Belfast is supported through the European Union’s Building Sustainable Prosperity Programme and Belfast City Council.

Our Mission is:

To support, encourage and initiate business investment and sustainable growth in Belfast.

Our Aims are:

  • To encourage and support innovation and entrepreneurship. 
  • To market domestically and internationally the Belfast business opportunity.
  • To scope out future trends, opportunities and needs in the targeted sector.
  • To facilitate stronger interaction between business and political leaders in the city in support of economic growth.

Our Objectives are to:

  • Understand Belfast’s ability to deliver what these sectors are seeking
  • Plug the gap between need and capability for each of the chosen sectors
  • Create initiatives to help identify key potential investors and professionally sells Belfast. 
  • Seek to ensure that the citizens of Belfast benefit from the investment growth.

Impact Initiatives

  • £25K Award – Encouraging technology transfer and entrepreneurship in the universities.
  • halo – Business Angels Network. Improving access to finance and sound business advice for growth companies.  
  • Investor Gateway Service – Providing market information, key contacts and property options for potential investors.
  • Communications Campaign – Establishing a positive business image for Belfast by placing business success stories with journalists in Boston, New York, Washington, London and Dublin.
  • Business Location Marketing – Coordinating the promotion of Belfast’s key property development sites which will provide the infrastructure for future business growth.
  • Medevol Clinical Services – Growing the clinical trials market in Northern Ireland and supporting technology transfer in the Life and Health Technology Sector.
  • Full Circle – Supporting the development of the environmental industries sector.
  • Enzyme – An innovative scheme designed to benefit up and coming entrepreneurs through an incubation and mentoring process.
  • InnovaNet – A key networking event for Knowledge Industry.
  • One More Job – A new business initiative created to assist small businesses located in areas of social need.
  • Clinical Trial Cluster – The cluster is currently engaging in clinical services with a range of global clients, from multinational pharmaceutical to start-up biotech companies and academic institutions.